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Prepare for a no-deal scenario

We don't believe in luck, we believe in preparation. 

Together with like-minded people we are preparing to survive the worst. Join us and order hand-picked Brexit food kits of 60 nutritious, delicious and long-shelf live meals to win in any scenario!

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The Brexit

Brexit Date:
29 March 2019

In 2016 more than 30 million of UK citizens voted in a referendum to decide whether UK should leave the EU or not. The majority (51.9%) voted for Britain to leave the EU and gave a green light for Brexit (Britain Exiting the EU) to happen.

Though the Britain will not be the first to leave the EU, there were just a few countries in history which have done it before. The most recent separation from EU took place in Greenland and the country officially left the EU in 1985. Now, after more than 30 years, the Britain has decided to join the list, though it turns up the process won't be the easiest one.


For the last two years Britain's prime minister Theresa May was negotiating the leaving deal with the EU. Having a deal is important for Britain since it would ensure a smoother exit from the EU for businesses and individuals, as well as give some time for the two sides to hammer out a permanent trading relationship. In contrast, a no-deal scenario means there would be no transition as the UK would sever all ties with the EU with immediate effect, with no guarantees and significant disruption to businesses. 


Just a few months before the official Brexit date, British Parliament rejected Theresa's deal with EU, which is believed to be the biggest government defeat in recent British political history. Uncertainty about the UK's future and obvious political disunity has caused the businesses to start considering a no-deal scenario more than ever before. According to BBC, food retailers have warned of shortages of fresh produce and the NHS is already stockpiling medicines, in case supplies from EU countries are interrupted.

As a no-deal Brexit is likely to happen, we need to be prepared for everything. If you share the same point of view, take a look at the Brexit Foods we bought for ourselves.

About Us
About Us

About Brexit Food

What is Brexit Food?

Food is one of the most essential human needs and the recent political situation has given the ground for uncertainty about the food availability and prices in a short-term in case the UK  would fail to reach the agreement with the EU.

There are various opinions whether to stockpile for Brexit or not, and we believe it is better to be prepared than do nothing at all. As B.Franklin once said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. At the moment we see that such nationwide important institutions as NHS as well as large businesses already started to stockpile, which just confirms our idea of stockpiling food for Brexit.

Therefore, we hand-picked the food brands we think would be the best for Brexit stockpiling in terms of nutritional value, long shelf live and vale for money, and would like to share it with everyone who follows our logic to prepare for the hard Brexit to happen.


In case the deal would be reached, your Brexit food packs could be consumed within a few years, which gives you safety and guarantee it would not be thrown away. In addition, our Brexit food is lightweight and perfect for an outdoor activities, what gives you a variety of choices where to enjoy it. 

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Hand-picked Brexit food ideas: 60 meal packs to survive the worst:

60 Summit to Eat Meals

60 Beyond the Beaten Track Meals

60 Real Turmat Meals

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Ready to eat meals in various tastes and flavours. Typical shelf-life is 18–24 months.


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